Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My lesson.

In science I have taught the students about the law of superposition. I had to research it to get some information. I had gotten my information from my science book named Earth Science.

For my lesson I had to give the class a experiment to do to help them understand the lesson better. In the experiment you will need four different colors of play-doh, one clear cup per two people, and a maker, pencil and paper. Then you will get the play-doh and put each color on top of each other until you have all four colors in the cup. Then you will label each layer A-D with A on bottom. This experiment it suppose to show the different layers of rocks and how the bottom layer is the oldest and as you go up they get younger.

I also had them take note over the definition of law of superposition which is " to determine the relative ages of sedimentary rocks. I also had them write down the definition for unconformity which is surface where new rock layers meet a much older rock surface beneath them.

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