Monday, October 3, 2011

Bean Project

Problem: Will using venom the energy drink help my plant grow better than using water?

Background Knowledge: From what I already know most people use water to water plants and venom is a energy drink so it has a lot of sodium. The bean is a seed.

Hypothesis: My hypothesis about the project was to see if the energy drink venom would make the bean grow faster than the water.

This is my materials for my experiment

1) 2 cups 2) both cups filled with dirt 3) scale 4) 1 can of mango venom 5) water 6) 2 beans the same kind 7) ruler 8) graduated cylinder 9) paper 10) pencil

This is my method for my experiment

Step 1- Gather your materials such as 2 cups, dirt, water, a can of venom, scale, ruler, pencil paper, graduated cylinder 2 beans
Step 2- Get the scale and set it out in front of you
Step 3- Then you get your 2 beans and measure them and make sure they are exactly the same weight.
Step 4- Next you get your 2 cups and label them one venom and the other one water.
Step 5- Then you put 28.3 grams of dirt into each cup
Step 6- After that you will get the ruler and measure 1 inch deep in each cup
Step 7- Next you put each bean into each cup
Step 8- Then you get the graduated cylinder and the venom and set them in front of you
Step 9- Next you will then pour the venom into the graduated cylinder until you get 10mm
Step 10- Then you will pour the venom into the cup you label venom
Step 11- After that you will then get water and pour it in the graduated cylinder until you get 10mm
Step 12- You will then pour the water into the cup you labeled water
Step 13- Then you will put both of the cups onto the table
Step 14- After that you will then clean up all the other materials and put them away
Step 15- Then you will make a chart so you can write down you observations everyday

Conclusion: After we were finished with the experiment with the data we had collected we made a graph and turned it in. Also I found out that the water does make the bean grow faster but the venom made it grow a little.

Questions for Extensions: The question was " Would using venom make the bean grow faster than if you use water?" Or what using dirt from outside work better than the soil we used?

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