Monday, August 29, 2011

Internet Safety!

Well my name is Nicole and I had a best friend named Brittney. It all started when she began talking to a guy on the Internet. One day she told me that she was talking to a guy she had meet through the Internet and she was starting to have feelings for him. I told her that she should think about that and that it wasn't a good idea to be talking to him in the first place. She also said that he told her that he was sixteen and enjoyed playing sports. But I told her that she doesn't know the real truth and that he could be some old guy that is just looking for girls like her to believe him.
 So I guess one day they were talking and he said that he wanted to meet her and she was wanting to meet him too. But when she told me this at school I was trying to get her not to go because I didn't want anything bad to happen to her, because what if he is a old man that is just looking for younger girls. But he could be sixteen like he told her and what is he doesn't like her and then just leaves her. I just don't want anything bad like that to happen.
Then when I told her not to go she got mad at me and told me that I just don't want her to be happy. But i tried to explain that i cared about her and I don't want anything happening to her but she didn't believe me. So later that day after we got out of school I followed her to see where she was going. She went to the park and so i ran to my house which is my the park and told my mom everything that had happened. So we went to the park and we saw Brittney being pulled by a older man and she was crying. My mom called the cops with her cell phone when i ran over to them and starting screaming so that people would look and then he let go of her arm. After the cops came and took the man to jail we took Brittney home and my mother told her parents everything that had happened. And ever since this all happened she hasn't talked to me or anything. So I have to live with knowing my best friend hates me after basically saving her life.



  1. I think your story was good, but it seemed like some words were left out.

  2. I thought your story was great, there's good detail and description.

  3. Your good at writing these kind of stories, but it seems like some words were misspelled. I thought this story had a powerful message. Keep writing more stories. :D